Progress mail server confused ?

Posted by cverbiest on 09-Sep-2015 02:40


I'm receiving mails for because I'm part of a CCS mailing list.

A colleague got the same mail because he's part of oe116 esap.

From: Craig Law []
Sent: 09 September 2015 08:57
To: Sydney-ALL <>
Cc: Raj Gondaliya <>
Subject: FW: WiFi Issues




Regards, Craig.


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Posted by James Palmer on 09-Sep-2015 02:43

I received that too! Craig Law is going to wake up to a lot of confused emails tomorrow!

Posted by Richard.Kelters on 09-Sep-2015 04:48

Same here and have send a mail to Craig about my confusement.

Posted by George Potemkin on 09-Sep-2015 04:59

They know about the issue: "we got hit by an issue with email Distribution List, plz ignore that email.  Our internal email team has been working on to rectify the issue."

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