Converting an OpenEdge Release 10 database to OpenEdge Relea

Posted by renaud.claeys on 07-Sep-2015 02:41

Dear all,

We are replicating an OpenEdge database using after-imaging.

We would like to convert the source and the destination database from version 10.2B  to 11.5.

In the official documentation, it's written that we have to disable after imaging on the source database, but nothing is explained about the destination database.

Can someone confirm that the steps are the following ?

1) Disable after-imaging on the source database

2) Check that all the files from the source database have been processed by the replicated database

3) Truncate bi files on both databases

4) Convert databases from 10 to 11 using proutil -C conv1011

5) Enable after-imaging

Does someone have any experience converting a database when replication is active using after-imaging?

Thanks in advance,


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Posted by James Palmer on 07-Sep-2015 02:58

I'm pretty sure you'll need to reseed your replication target database after the convert by taking a backup with -REPLTargetCreation. But it's been a while since I was involved so I'll defer to more experienced minds on the matter! :)

Posted by Libor Laubacher on 07-Sep-2015 03:01

You can go from 10 to 11 either by dump and load or conv1011.

conv1011 disables AI by default and with dump and load you will have a brand new database to start with

after your source database has been converted to 11, you would need to re-enable replication

Posted by renaud.claeys on 28-Sep-2015 02:24

Dear all,

Official answer from Progress support:

"When migrating replicated database from 10.2B to 11.5, the target databases cannot be CONV1011-ed as well, they will need to be re-baselined once the source database has been successfully converted.

The reason for this, apart from the fact that we don't support AI between versions, is that AI will have to be disabled prior to conversion"

Thanks for your answers.


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