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Posted by agent_008_nl on 02-Sep-2015 12:21


"Suddenly, OOP just didn't seem all that important. Not when we can write simpler, more concise and more efficient code by using techniques available through templates and generic programming."

This looks interesting to me. No C++ plus progress expert caring to explain why this would or would not be something to look into  (in more detail). Can this be implemented in the oe language? Could it provide roi?


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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 02-Sep-2015 16:43

Generics are supported for C# code.  They have been on the wish list for support for OOABL components for a long time.  PSC clearly understands their significance.

Posted by agent_008_nl on 03-Sep-2015 01:31

That's good, thanks for your reply. Now the templates could be a good addition. I miss a reaction from psc here. I would not be surprised if others having profound C++ knowledge do not react. Not everyone likes to hang around on the marketplace ( Excuse me for the quasi-intellectual reference. ;-)

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