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Posted by Riverside Software on 06-Aug-2015 05:13


Automatically updating an Oracle schema holder can be done with prodict/ora/_bpullora.p. This procedure (as well as the Data dictionary UI) accepts 3 parameters (object name, owner name and object type), but "object name" doesn't accept a pattern, only a single name. As I have to specifically exclude some Oracle tables, I was wondering if there was an easy way to do that by code ? By easy, I mean easier than modifying prodict/ora/_ora_lkg.p and replace the MATCHES statement with a CAN-DO statement.



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Posted by TheMadDBA on 06-Aug-2015 11:42

That might be the easiest method (but don't modify it directly, place a new copy first in the PROPATH).

The other method would be to call the individual sub programs with your own code. Or you can copy all of them over and drop the ones you don't want.

Bu I am wondering why you have objects in the same schema as your application that don't belong to that application. Why not place the other objects in another schema?

Posted by Riverside Software on 07-Aug-2015 02:11

Yes, will copy files in my propath.

I know that it would be much better to re-assign, but I'm inheriting a legacy application where a schema change might have unknown impact. A single table has to be excluded from the Oracle schema (name clash with another connected DB).

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