ABLDoc and Intellisens in the OE Studio ABL Editor

Posted by slacroixak on 29-Jul-2015 02:44

I'm glad to see the recent improvements about ABLDoc in 11.5 and in 11.6 to come.  Now I am a little bit used to the comfort of great Intellisens of other IDE's like VisualStudio for C# or IntelliJ for Java that provide completion not only for method names but also for their parameters, together with a contextual doc in a tooltip for the parameter you are dealing with (as you type it or when you mouse-move over it).

Is there a will to provide the same level of comfort in the OE Studio ABL Editor with the ABLDoc, or will it be limited to generate some html doc to browse aside manually? (kind of old days of Java now)


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Posted by Swathi Yellavaram on 29-Jul-2015 10:15


We have this in our enhancement list for ABLDoc. However this is not targeted currently for 11.6 release.



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