Webspeed documentation still out of date :(

Posted by smat-consulting on 20-Jul-2015 09:56

Hello folks,

[ sorry about the lament! But it has to be said... ]

Somebody suggested that the documentation for WebSpeed in V11 was updated and is "better".

I happen to come across it today, and reviewed it.

Unfortunately, it still is suggesting out-of-date approaches and views.

Certain "features" need to be supported for backwards compatibility, I understand. However, NOBODY should be creating HTML pages through OE! To even list this option is IMHO a crave misleading of newbies.

The whole chapter "OpenEdge Application Server: Developing WebSpeed Applications" is still built around this totally out-of-date premise. It was out-of-date and misguided when WebSpeed was invented in the mid-90s. It is ridiculous 20 years later!

I think it is about time that PSC recognizes that:

1. A WebSpeed application is nothing else than:

* a batch-application, which

* receives input through the webstream in form of name-value pairs, and

* provides output in form of a single, long text (That output today is most likely JSON. But, it can be anything - whatever the front-end requires.)

2. WebSpeed has N-O-T-H-I-N-G to do with the front-end. It has only to do with the batch app that responds to requests coming in through the webserver.

Once that is understood, writing the documentation should be really, really simple and quick!

And, people reading the doc will surely find it to be easy enough to try it, rather than being turned off by complexity, rigidity, and the impression a developer would need to know ABL and HTML, JS, CSS...

Aye, aye, aye! Writing WebSpeed apps is so easy, once you forget all the crap that is written in the doc! And so much easier to debug, maintain, deploy than SOAP or even the new REST stuff!

 Anybody, even V6 folks, can write a WebSpeed app to support a top-modern dynamic HTML/JS front-end!

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Posted by rogeliolt on 20-Jul-2015 10:07

Hi friend...

I had the problem about web pages design with OE using Webspeed... I'd never used this option, but today it's different...

Exist some examples in the web, but, I think, we need some specific Information and complete examples.

Posted by Roberta Miller on 20-Jul-2015 16:08

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