Wierd protrace files with error Last action: TY_IOPRT (81)

Posted by cverbiest on 15-Jul-2015 02:55

Yesterday we had 2 batch processes that crashed with an error I've never seen before. The protrace files seem incomplete to me . It happened on 2 seperate servers connected to separate databases.

OE 11.3.2, Windows 2012 R2

It was for the same customer using servers in the same datacenter.

For a something that happened only once I don't want to start a tech support case,  but I'm still curious if someone has seen this type of error before and what could cause it.

The only  link I found with google  http://www.peg.com/forums/dba/200408/msg00423.html

1st file , not trimmed

13/07/15 21:07:09  [7156]
Progress Recent Message(s):
   (7129) (452)
Usr 31 set name to batchclnt. (7129)
Login by TDU_LISA_PRO on CON:. (452)

  *** ABL Call Stack ***
Last action: TY_IOPRT       (81)
8198: Output-Export-Bestand xmencm/agingex-p.p (.\gui\xmen\xmencm\agingex-p.r)
7838: Export-Aging-Detail xmencm/agingex-p.p (.\gui\xmen\xmencm\agingex-p.r)
7528: Export-Aging xmencm/agingex-p.p (.\gui\xmen\xmencm\agingex-p.r)
7361: xmencm/agingex-p.p (.\gui\xmen\xmencm\agingex-p.r)
1945: ccetools/start-b.p (.\gui\ccetools\start-b.r)

2nd file, not trimmed

13/07/15 20:32:37  [4964]
Progress Recent Message(s):

  *** ABL Call Stack ***
Last action: TY_IOPRT       (81)
9906: OUTPUT-ANALDB-DWH xmen/menana-p.p (.\gui\xmen\xmen\menana-p.r)
10463: OUTPUT-CSV-BESTAND-DWH xmen/menana-p.p (.\gui\xmen\xmen\menana-p.r)
6991: xmen/menana-p.p (.\gui\xmen\xmen\menana-p.r)
1939: ccetools/start-b.p (.\gui\ccetools\start-b.r)

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Posted by James Palmer on 15-Jul-2015 03:04

To be honest I'd be logging a support case, because, as you say, there is just that sole hit on PEG about the problem.

Has anything changed in your environment recently? OS? Windows Updates?

Posted by Frank Meulblok on 15-Jul-2015 05:30

Those look like procore files, not protrace.

The "Last action: TY_IOPRT       (81)" refers to the internal action codes in the compiled r-code.

Call stack should still match up with debug listing though, so check what's on xmencm/agingex-p.p, line 8198 and xmen/menana-p.p,  line 9906 and that should tell you which ABL statement triggered this.

Posted by TheMadDBA on 15-Jul-2015 07:57

Definitely protrace files and not procore. See if you can locate the actual procore files. Also make sure to look in the database log, and the windows event logs.

I would assume TY_IOPRT has something to do with writing to disk. So odds are good that you are going to find something related to streams when you look at those lines of code.

Are these users running on a terminal server or local to their PC?

Posted by George Potemkin on 15-Jul-2015 10:12

> I would assume TY_IOPRT has something to do with writing to disk

The action codes with nearest numbers:

 79. TY_BRE
 84. COLOR

Indeed it's very likely that TY_IOPRT is related to I/O. 
Also it's a very old action code (V10.2B has 149 action codes).

Posted by cverbiest on 15-Jul-2015 10:20

Typically Tech support will ask if I can reproduce the issue, which I can't. If it occurs more often I surely will report it.

In this case I suspect some issue in the datacenter as it occured on 2 different servers.

A common factor is that both procedures were exporting data to CSV files.

Thanks for all the replies, I'll post further updates if I find more information about it.

Posted by Matt Gilarde on 15-Jul-2015 10:56

TY_IOPRT is the action code for the PUT statement.

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