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Posted by Sunil Belgaonkar on 13-Jul-2015 23:09

Hello all,

I am re-posting this as a separate thread so it is easier to find. 

As a few of you have asked, in developer words, I would like to summarize different agreements/contracts that CCS Application process needs you to sign and agree to --

  1. Contributor's License Agreement - In short, in my own words, this agreement protects your Intellectual Property (IP) which could be thoughts, sample code, test suites etc... by ensuring, like other specification communities, you continue to be the content owner (IP owner) and licensing your IP to Progress for further distribution. We are hoping this will make it easier to share your IP in the CCS community.
  2. Release license agreement – When the CSS community is ready to release final specs to the open community for consumption, we want to make sure that we license the final specifications to be, within reason, open and usable by the OpenEdge community. This is important follow-on from the contributor’s License Agreement.
  3. Non disclosure Agreement – During the specification process, we want to make sure that your ideas are not used by others. Hence we want to make sure that there is a NDA in place between all the CCS participants so you can freely share your ideas. Once the specifications are ready they will be governed by Release license agreement.

I am hopeful this provides a decent summary to get you started.

Please be aware that this summary is NOT intended to be replacement for you and/or your organization reading, understanding the implications of and agreeing to all the contract/ agreement terms and conditions in the CCS application.


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Posted by cverbiest on 14-Jul-2015 01:37

Hi Sunil,

Thanks for the clarification

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