Whitepaper: How to plan your Progress modernization initiati

Posted by anuragjkt on 09-Jul-2015 05:49

This paper highlights how you can achieve modernization of Progress applications using a framework-based approach for upgradation and technology adoption along with the expectations achieved from modernization initiatives. We hope this helps you think about the ways you can effectively manage/modernize your legacy application and avoid any future pitfalls.

Click here to download : http://goo.gl/hJs25C 

Feel free to write to at anurag.sharma@jktech.com for your queries.

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Posted by gus on 09-Jul-2015 09:00


Posted by cverbiest on 09-Jul-2015 09:45

Points to http://jktech.com/road-to-progress-legacy-modernization-making-the-right-architecture-and-design-decisions

Requires you to leave email address so it looks like a honey trap to collect email addresses.

Without the mandatory contact form I'd probably read what's there, with the form I consider this spam.

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 09-Jul-2015 09:49

Only the latest of many from the source.

Posted by James Palmer on 09-Jul-2015 09:49

Unfortunately this user has a track record of similar stunts. He asked a seemingly innocuous question on here in the past about barriers to modernisation that I answered and I ended up getting hounded about having a chat to quote for consultancy in modernising ours.

Posted by TheMadDBA on 09-Jul-2015 09:52

That is from JK Technosoft which is probably the largest Progress contractor shop in India. They have been pushing this all over the place.

So it is "legit" and not malware.... I guess PSC will have to decide whether or not it is appropriate for this forum.

Posted by gus on 09-Jul-2015 10:12

i wouldn’t advise clicking the link. who knows where it goes? legit postings do not have scrambled links to some unknown place.

Posted by Paul Koufalis on 09-Jul-2015 10:16

Marketing is such a tightrope walk and I have a lot of respect for people who do it well. Too little and you don't sell your product. Too much and you *** off your potential customers. And to make matters worse, the definitions of too much and too little are different for every person.

Personally I have no problem with honey traps provided the document is actually valuable. If it's marketing junk then I'll quickly unsubscribe and you'll never talk to me again. And I hope you all have email addresses dedicated to these kinds of situations.

Posted by James Palmer on 09-Jul-2015 10:32

I tend to use yours.


Posted by gus on 09-Jul-2015 10:47

it's the scrambled link that set the alarm bells off.

the poster does not want us to know who he is.

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 09-Jul-2015 11:07

Both the all too familiar name and the company name are in the e-mail of the original message.

Posted by Frank de Laat on 09-Jul-2015 11:39

Unfortunately they already did get hold of email addresses .

We have received several emails from this company since two days in which they either introduce their company or presents their framework.

Progress consultant in a wide variety of business applications for over 25 years.

Posted by agent_008_nl on 09-Jul-2015 12:29

Always disappointing these links that promise an interesting presentation and then come up with this question for contact details. I'm agent008, I want to be able to prowl and spy unwatched! I never give details (and if I can give false emailadresses etc.)  unless I really expect something worthwhile. Which is very rare. In the case above I expect only tedious crap.

Posted by Lieven De Foor on 10-Jul-2015 05:20

People, just enter a fake email adres and you can read the pdf (you decide whether it's worth it or not, personally I think it's not...)


Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 10-Jul-2015 10:16

Perhaps we should all register with anurag.sharma@jktech.com

Posted by agent_008_nl on 10-Jul-2015 11:21

Ok, read it for fun. Worthless bla bla article. Meanwhile read this if you're interested in how to sell your product:


Posted by anuragjkt on 13-Jul-2015 03:00

A few contributors seems to be prejudiced about our postings perhaps due to their past experience thus, they spammed our post without reading it and I really feel bad for them as they missed out on a valuable piece of information and inference.

Our post was to apprise the readers of a progressively complex issue of legacy modernization and innovation which is coming up as the model of prime importance for Progress users and providers to continue with Progress technology.

At first we tried to upload document rather than extracting email address, to make it more convenient for the reader  below is the link of whitepaper you can directly read it from here.


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