The missing piece - Table/View/Synonym not found (7519)

Posted by brett-tml on 08-Apr-2015 18:12

Hi All.

Sorry for asking such a basic question, but I'm running out of time.

I have some financial software that has bounced itself around servers for many years. From the looks of it, the last time data was entered was around 2006. All employees that knew anything about it (eg logon credentials) are long gone. However, I need to extract data from it before disposing of the server.

The database is Progress 9.1E

I can successfully connect and run ABL queries and use the progress tools to view data dictionaries etc. I have followed the knowledge base articles and created a new user, set them to be a DBA, and logged in with sql explorer as that user.

The table I want to use (as a test) is called ca-detail. I am logged in with the tmladmin2 account

I have the following output (formatted) from sql explorer.

select * from sysprogress.systables where TBL='ca-detail';

        ID TBL                              CREATOR                          OWNER                            TBLTYPE

       107 ca-detail                        PUB                              PUB                              T     


          0 N           N           N           N           Y                    5

select * from sysprogress.sysdbauth

GRANTEE                          DBA_ACC RES_ACC
-------------------------------- ------- -------
Administrator                    y       y       
SYSPROGRESS                      y       y       
tmladmin                         y               
tmladmin2                        y       y      

select * from;

=== SQL Exception 1 ===
[JDBC Progress Driver]:Table/View/Synonym not found (7519)

Can some one help me fix the missing bit?

Thank you.

Posted by Rob Fitzpatrick on 08-Apr-2015 18:33

How about: select * from PUB."ca-detail";

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Posted by Rob Fitzpatrick on 08-Apr-2015 18:33

How about: select * from PUB."ca-detail";

Posted by brett-tml on 08-Apr-2015 18:35

You are kidding me. That worked.

Thank you.

Posted by Dileep Dasa on 09-Apr-2015 01:16

All the tables created via ABL will be in PUB schema. Hence, if you want to access them via OE SQL, we should prefix table names with "PUB".

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