The first Early Software Access Program (ESAP) release of Op

Posted by Kris Murphy on 03-Apr-2015 07:54

The first Early Software Access Program (ESAP) release of OpenEdge 11.6 is available now. This release includes updates to ABLDoc and ABLUnit, an early look at OOABL Enumerations and Reflection, an OpenEdge Adapter for Generic JMS, some SQL enhancements and improvements to OpenEdge Management.  Descriptions of the features are available on the 11.6 ESAP Community forum.  If you haven’t signed up for the ESAP program please send email to  This is your opportunity to provide input into the next release of the OpenEdge product!

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Posted by Martha Lynch on 03-Apr-2015 09:02

As Kris noted, this ESAP is packed with new features, many of which were requested by customers.  We look forward to your feedback!

Posted by cooper on 13-Apr-2015 08:49

Is this the complete changelist or are there other new features?

I was looking forward to the extened xref and qryinfo output as well as the "productionized" profiler (all three from the community ideas).

Posted by Rob Straight on 13-Apr-2015 08:57

As with all OpenEdge releases, there will be on the order of 50-75 feature enhancements. Kris highlighted a few key areas where we are making improvements, but no, that is not a complete list. As we get closer to our release date there will be more information on what new features have been added.

Posted by cooper on 14-Apr-2015 04:26

Is there a chance that the new profiler and the extenden xref/qryinfo will make it into 11.6?

Posted by Rob Straight on 14-Apr-2015 07:58

We are working on the profiler as a higher priority, and our goal is to get it completed for the OpenEdge 11.6 release. We are also looking at extending xref/qryinfo for that release as well.

Posted by cooper on 14-Apr-2015 08:32

That's great to hear, thank you

Posted by Lieven De Foor on 15-Apr-2015 08:37

Will the new profiler be able to read profile data generated with older releases or OpenEdge? We won't be able to upgrade our customers to the latest version in the near future, but would like to use the profiler in house...

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