OpenEdge 10.2b - Consuming Web Services

Posted by robbo2389 on 21-Mar-2015 06:31

Hi all,

I have a query surrounding our Eclipse Proclaim software which is built on OpenEdge and we are currently using version 10.2b. When consuming third party webservices OpenEdge is sending hello messages using SSL V2 only and not using TLS.

Is this something I can discuss here?

Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks.

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Posted by Michael Jacobs on 22-Mar-2015 04:54


You are welcome to post any OpenEdge product question on this forum and share the responses with others.

In your case with with OpenEdge using SSLv2 hello, this is a hard-coded product behavior for HTTPS connections.   It has been this way since... SSL was first introduced.   The bad news is that you have no control over it.  

One option would be to contact the OpenEdge Technical Support team and discuss with them possible any short and long term solutions.   Perhaps others may share their experiences.


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