Progress Netherlands - DBA Bootcamp Rotterdam (4 days) 18-21

Posted by Christel Philipsen on 20-Mar-2015 08:27

This course is designed for database administrators who need to administer Progress V9 or OpenEdge RDBMS 10 and 11 databases.

It teaches the concepts, procedures, and guidelines used in database administration. Students will learn about the OpenEdge RDBMS architecture, and how to use database administration tools to create, start up, and shut down a database. For maintenance, students will learn how to back up and restore a database, implement roll-forward recovery using after-imaging, and dump and load a database. Finally, they will learn how to troubleshoot database problems:

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Posted by James Palmer on 20-Mar-2015 08:32

This is an excellent course and well worth attending if you have even the slightest exposure to DBA activities. 

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