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Posted by dziugasj on 20-Mar-2015 07:27

Does Progress provides roadmap regarding plans for Node.js.

From APUG challenge 2014 "Progress OpenEdge & Progress Pacific" (13 slide) can be seen that in there future there will be Unified Application server which will support JavaScript.

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Posted by David Cleary on 23-Mar-2015 13:27

I believe this was a presentation given by Product Management. I haven't yet found the slide in question, but I have reached out to them in regards to what they are saying. Keep in mind that running JavaScript on the server is not the same thing as running Node.js.

Posted by Rob Straight on 23-Mar-2015 13:42

On the topic of roadmaps for any product, Progress tends to be a bit conservative in discussing future plans. There is the possibility of misinterpretation and potentially false expectations, either of which in the end could have an impact on the ability for Progress as a company to recognize revenue. In general you would need to work through your Account Manager to receive a futures/roadmap briefing under a non-disclosure agreement and with the caveats of the information being provided is not a formal commitment but a statement of direction.

On the question of the "Unified Application Server" supporting JavaScript, I believe this refers to the Pacific Application Server, newly released in 2014, that supports Rollbase (JavaScript), Corticon (Java) and OpenEdge (ABL). This single/unifed Application Server is based on the Tomcat web server technology. At the time of the APUG (Australian Progress User Group) meeting in 2014, this was a roadmap item. The capability was delivered later in 2014 and is commercially available today.

Posted by gabriel.lucaciu on 24-Mar-2015 05:19

From the Progress 2015 Roadmap Webinar I understood that there are enhancements planned for this year with relation to Node.js.

I'll try to see if I can find the registered presentation about it. Might give a small idea of what's coming...

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