Posted by gtrdata on 16-Mar-2015 10:49


Has anyone successfully used the ODBC Dataserver to connect and update a PostgreSQL database? I need to be able to create a schema and  update and read tables in a PostgreSQL DB. Progress support told me that although I can try using ODBC Dataserver it is not certified. Yet, given that here are knowledge base articles talking about different types of issues I assume that someone out there has done this.


Stuart Richler

GTR Data Inc.

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Posted by David Cleary on 17-Mar-2015 11:29

David Moloney, do you know of any customers currently doing this?

Posted by ezequielmontoya on 24-Jun-2015 17:25

I would also know some about connect to postgresql from a Progress program.

Posted by Paul Koufalis on 24-Jun-2015 19:05

What version of Progress? What do you need to do? There are three solutions that I can think of:

1. The ODBC DataServer does not officially support Postgres but I have made it work with the help of Marek.

2. In 11.x there is an ODBC class that you can probably use with a Postgres ODBC driver though I haven't tried it myself.

3. If it's really not a lot of queries and performance is unimportant, you can easily write a little PHP program and run it using INPUT THROUGH mypostgresquery.php.


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