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Posted by raj.mohan on 03-Feb-2015 07:37

Hi Fellow members, we have a new customer using progress DB with their application. Now they are planning to migrate to an in-house virtual environment but with two servers - live on one VM server and test on another VM server. Do they need to buy separate progress licenses? Can they use the existing progress license on both the VMs? they are going to move on v11.3 version progress. 

Please advise.. Thanks in advance.


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Posted by James Palmer on 03-Feb-2015 07:45

In order to get a definitive answer you'll need to talk to your rep, but as far as I know they will need two licenses.

Posted by Rob Fitzpatrick on 16-Feb-2015 12:40

It all depends on the licenses the customer currently has; in particular, the license models of those licenses.  Some license models are single-server (e.g. Concurrent User, Access Agent, CPU, Machine) and some are multi-server (e.g. Named User, Registered Client).

As long as you have purchased enough users (note that each model has its own user-counting methodology), you can use multi-server licenses in both prod and test.  If the products are licensed on single-server licenses, you have to buy more.  Note also that it is possible to have a mix of different models in a given environment, so you might have to buy a second set of licenses for some products and not others.

I suggest you obtain a copy of the Progress Product Licensing and Migration Guide.  It explains these concepts.

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