Combit List&Label 20 in .NET Progress 11.4

Posted by PeterWokke on 03-Feb-2015 06:15

Using List&Label 20 from Combit in .NET OE 11.4 I had to rebuild the Data Provider fro Taste IT.Consulting to generate a .NET dll for .Net Framework 4.0 egual to the OE 11.4 Framework version.

Now I want to add the .Net controls from the LL20 and the Data provider to a control group in PDSOE.

But I am running into problems to add the controls correctly into the Referenced Assemblies of my project.

Who has experience with List$Label 20 and the data provider in OE 11.4 base on Framework 4.0?

Thanks for your inpout,

Peter Wokke. 

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Posted by PeterWokke on 05-Feb-2015 04:03

I have had some assistant on this from Thomas Wurl from Taste IT Consulting on this.

They provide the OE Data Provider for List & Label.

Thanks Thomas.

Create a directory called “assemblies” in your project or somewhere else.




Create an empty xml file with the name “assemblies.xml” in the folder with the following content:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>





Now you have:





Edit project -> Properties -> Progress OpenEdge



Add –assemblies assemblies to the startup parameter.                     


Goto Progress OpenEdge Assemblies . uncheck “use default location” and select the assemblies dir with the “workspace” button.

Then you should see something like this.




Copy both dll to the assemblies dir.


Choose “Add” button the choose the dll’s from “local assemblies”

I have made a instruction document on this but cannot upload this.

Contact me I if you have questions.

Posted by Martha Lynch on 11-Feb-2015 15:46

Peter - it sounds like your problem was solved.  Let us know if you have additional questions.

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