New phase on app conection error.

Posted by OctavioOlguin on 30-Jan-2015 20:00

Thanks to previous post, I got help from Libor L to configure ports on router.

now I'm able to connect from outside to the appserver, well only to the point that the TestUDPServer and TestUDPClient java utilities work together, showing that ports are reachable, all the range : 3090  and from 5000 to 5200 are reachable at UDP protocol.

When ran:

lg = hs:connect ("-H <hostname> -DirectConnect -S 3090 -AppService schAS1 -sessionModel Session-free").

I got a connection indeed.

the problem comes when I ran (from a computer I installed at home and with remote desktop trying to connect):

lg = hs:connect ("-H <hostname> -S 5162 -AppService schAS1 -sessionModel Session-free").

I get a "Connection timed out for host <internal IP> Port 3090 transport TCP" message without number

followed by a (5468) error.

What makes me wonder is that the message (without number) states the internal IP of the host that has the app indeed that certainly won't be available to the remote client .

Then moved something, and now the connection is almost done, as the message I got from outside (thsi network) is:

(9407)  - Connection Failure for <Host>  Port 5162 Transport UDP

then I changed the:

registrationMode:   Register-HostName  
srvrExecutionTimeLimit:   0  
sessionTimeout:   180  
hostName:   (my host name)

and I get the previous error (9407), but now internal client can't connect as it tries to get to (my host name) as a FQDN, and not by a local network host as it was before.

Also, I defined to 1 the number of servers initially started (by other article)

also, changed to allowServerASK  and allowClientASK on broker.

So I managed to scramble all the default config.. and yet not being able to connect....

I'll re-read the OpenEdge Application server:Administration  handbook and try again.

If meanwhile somebody has bumped into same trouble, could point to some docs?


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Posted by OctavioOlguin on 30-Jan-2015 20:04

Restored to REGISTER-IP in registration mode (and re-started app server), and keep getting the (9407) error from outside, but now I can connect by localnetwork

Posted by OctavioOlguin on 30-Jan-2015 20:15

now I opened ports 5000 to 56000 firewall and the error I got is "Connection timed out for host <LOCAL ADDRESS> port 3090  transport TCP."

The 3090 port is open in another NAT rule.

Interesting enough is the <LOCAL ADDRESS> in the message I get from outside connection.  That address won't work for remote client.

Posted by Martha Lynch on 11-Feb-2015 15:48

Octavio - did you ever resolve this issue?

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