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Posted by katammi1 on 30-Jan-2015 00:44


How or where can I see if the Progress is installed as complete installation or typical installation? And after finding out that, how to enable the -clientlog option in 10.2x or 11.3, to see clientlogging errors for example?

Br, Katriina

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Posted by Dileep Dasa on 30-Jan-2015 01:14

AFAIK, there is no simple way to determine if an install is either complete or typical. One way is to see if all components and subcomponents of the Progress products are installed(You can find list of components in "Installation and Configuration" document in Progress OpenEdge documentation). If yes, then that is a complete install.

Also, if you installed Progress OpenEdge using silent install, you can find all install settings in .ini file that you used for installation.

-clientlog is a startup parameter. You can provide this option when you open a client. If you are using a pf file to start your client, you can specify this startup parameter in the pf file. For example:

prowin32 -clientlog mylog.log


prowin32 -pf myparams.pf (Add -clientlog mylog.log to myparams.pf file)

Posted by katammi1 on 30-Jan-2015 04:43

Ok, thanks. I'll try with your advice.

Posted by katammi1 on 30-Jan-2015 05:00

Hmmm. So, if I set to tools.pf prowin32 -clientlog mylog.log, will the mylog.log be written in c:\temp (-T c:\temp)?

Should there be something else on that parameter before "prowin32"? Computer says when tries to open Enterprise that "the prowin32 cannot be specified"...

Posted by Fernando Souza on 30-Jan-2015 07:25

First, the file specified for -clientlog is relative to the process working directory, if not an absolute path, so -T does not matter there.

Now as for the 'prowin32' question, what is the exact full command you are specifying and how are you trying to execute it? From icon, proenv window, command prompt window,..?

Posted by marcv on 30-Jan-2015 07:43

You are confusing the two options.

command line method:

 start the client with the client log option

        prowin32 -clientlog mylog.log

pf file method:

  create a pf file (ex. myparams.pf) that contains connection parameter and also include this:

        -clientlog mylog.log

  start client like this:

        prowin32 -pf myparams.pf

Posted by katammi1 on 30-Jan-2015 07:49

Ok, thanks.

I put the parameter to server C:\ep\progs\run\tools.pf file as prowin32 -clientlog mylog.log. Then when tried to open Enterprise from C:\ep\progs\run icon comes error **Could not recognise argument: prowin32. (301)

Posted by marcv on 30-Jan-2015 07:53

The command prowin32 does not go in the pf file. Only put the options you want the client to use in there. The file is then used by the prowin32 command.

Posted by Libor Laubacher on 30-Jan-2015 07:56

> How or where can I see if the Progress is installed as complete installation or typical installation?

Check DLC\installd.ini file.

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