Big SQL WHERE clause causes a OpenEdge system error

Posted by vitprof on 27-Jan-2015 01:34


I have a SQL query with big WHERE clause: it contains a lot of OR conditions. When the number of conditions is not great all is ok. But with about 30 OR conditions the query fails. The error message is below:

Insufficient Memory. Memory allocation failed at 364 in /vobs_sql/sql/src/sts/sts_sortaggr.cxx. Contact Progress Technical Support

Do you have any ideas why it is hapenned and how to fix? Thank you in advance.

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Posted by Dileep Dasa on 27-Jan-2015 01:39

Please have a look at these knowledge base articles:

Posted by vitprof on 27-Jan-2015 01:50

Dileep Dasa, great, thank you!

Posted by steve pittman on 27-Jan-2015 09:48

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Dileep Dasa, great, thank you!

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If the KBase techniques do not resolve your problem, try tell the OE sql server to use a smaller sort buffer, maybe 500K  rather than 1M.

See  the indirectly referenced KBase article

-SQLTempBuff   500

This startup parameter
  iss given to the broker startup (the broker passes it on to  sql).

hope this help,                       ....steve pittman   [OE sql software architect]


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