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Posted by bart.syryn on 26-Jan-2015 03:09

Hi, I need to build a webspeed application. My question is not about webspeed but about a good WYSIWYG html editor. About 7 years ago I've build a webspeed application and used FrontPage 2003. If you search the internet you can find a lot of WYSIWYG-HTML editors, but some advice from a progress-developer would be helpfull. It's a small application with some forms and the standard widgets (fill-in, combo-box, calendar, radio-set,...). Tips about which product other webspeed-developers use is very helpfull, and also why they use that specific product. kind regards Bart Syryn

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Posted by ke@iap.de on 26-Jan-2015 05:02

Hello Bart,

the main consideration is, how you use Webspeed.

When you have embedded Speedscript, then the Web Designer should do the design and that means, the design is usually not made by you.

When you generate the HTML with Webspeed, then the layout is in the code and you use normal program editor.

Of course, you can mix both methods :)


- I tried a few Netscape followups like NVU or Blue Griffon, but these seem to be half-hearted and after short time I gave up using them.

- I had a look on Microsoft Expression, that looks promising for small sites. A freelancer was able to create 10+ pages with menu and she had no it knowledge.

- That looks not bad, cheap: www.wysiwygwebbuilder.com

- And you may consider to use a CMS like Wordpress. There you can include the calls of Webspeed in the HTML base templates or in the pages.


Posted by bart.syryn on 26-Jan-2015 14:14

Hello Klaus, Thanks for the response. I would like to make the design (forms) and then add speedscript to it (like I did in FrontPage). I've looked at www.wysiwygwebbuilder.com as you suggested, and it looks very nice. But you can't add html-code (or speedscript) by hand. So for working with speedscript I think the possibility for wysiwyg and html-editor would by very helpfull. But I'll have a closer look to wysiwygwebbuilder. Kind regards Bart Syryn

Posted by christian.bryan@capita.co.uk on 22-Dec-2015 10:46

We use webspeed with XSLT and XML to separate the UI for the Business logic.

Our webspeed .p's just generate XML, we then transform the XML to HTML with an XSLT Stylesheet, all in memory for each request (post or get).

This means we can quickly change the look and feel and different teams can work on the different layers.

It also allows for UI level logic in the XSLT layer such as having different colours and data layouts for each customer dependent on their local XSLT files.

If you want to know more drop me a line...


Posted by bart.syryn on 23-Dec-2015 07:42

Hi Christian,

Thanks for replying. It's almost a year ago I posted my question and meanwhile we solved it by classical HTML-design with webspeed in it.

Your solution seems better, so if there's a new project I'll certainly keep it in mind.

Kind regards

Bart S.

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