can i add custom text in each modified row in openedge archi

Posted by Gpandye on 23-Jan-2015 03:43


i am using openedge architect 11.4, is there a way / macro by which i can add custom text in each modified line.

basically what i want is to have a time stamp in each modified line something like <userid><date>.

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Posted by DivyaTheja on 23-Jan-2015 04:17

Hi Gpandye,

We can create editor macro with variables - "${user} ${date} ${time}" in Preferences (Progress OpenEdge->Editor->Templates)

Hope this helps,


Posted by Patrick Tingen on 27-Jan-2015 00:52

I think that basically, you do not want to have comments cluttering up your source code. What would happen if a source has been changed ten times? You would probably drown in the comments and cannot tell code from clutter.

What you basically want is version control. Search on the web for "git", PDS has support for that.

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