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Posted by Riverside Software on 06-Jan-2015 09:53

Hi all,

What is the impact of loading a DF file where the only instruction is to change the POSITION value of a few fields ? Especially on large table, is it a long operation ? Any risk doing that ?

In this case, I have multiple environments where the same table with 50 fields has different CRC because of this POSITION field :

Environment 1 : Table 1 -- Field1 POS 2 -- Field3 POS 3 -- Field4 POS 4

Environment 2 : Table 1 -- Field1 POS 2 -- Field3 POS 4 -- Field4 POS 5

Field2 was dropped directly from the table in environment 2, but in environment 1 the table was recreated using a new DF (but with different POSITION). I just would like to move Field3 and Field4 to position 3 and 4 (in order to have the same CRC and execute the same rcode).



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Posted by Fernando Souza on 06-Jan-2015 10:02

No, it should not be a risky nor a long operation. Only the logical position of the fields are changed and there is no change to the data records at all.

Posted by Riverside Software on 06-Jan-2015 10:32

Thanks Fernando. I also read article 000013818, which shows an interesting point when adding new fields without Position to such a table.

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