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Posted by willer on 02-Dec-2014 04:38


1. the current batchtest option for ABLUnit starts for every found Test class a new AVM Session. This takes for one Testclass many times longer than the test itself. Is it possible to keep the session open until all tests are finished?

2. When the Structure of my project folder is like:



Then the outputfile of the test from Case2/Test.cls overwrites the result from Case1/Test.cls since the batchtest contains only an todir option. Is it possible to define the filename pattern of the geneerated result?

<batchtest todir="${basedir}/results" format="xml">
<fileset dir="${basedir}/samples1">
<include name="**/Test*.cls" />

Thank you

Peter Willer

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Posted by DivyaTheja on 03-Dec-2014 04:01

Hi Willer,

Thanks for the feedback. We will take this as enhancement. For now, adding all the tests to a testsuite can reduce taking long time for execution since it uses a single AVM.

For the second case where tests with same name are available in different folders:

As per my knowledge, currently with ABLUnit ant batchtest, we can't provide the outfile pattern. I can see only two alternatives for this.

1. Adding tests with same name in test tag might help.

<test name="${basedir}/Case1/test1.cls" todir="${basedir}/Results" outfile="${user.name}-test.xml"/>

      <batchtest todir="${basedir}/Results" format="xml">  

      <fileset dir="${basedir}" >

      <include name="**/*.cls" />



2. Adding those tests in a single testsuite.

Hope this helps,


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