OpenEdge 11.6 Community Input

Posted by Jean Richert on 19-Nov-2014 04:22

For those who may have missed it, we have just added an  OpenEdge 11.6 Community Input in our Product Enhancements group. This is your chance to help set the direction of the next release of OpenEdge!

Please review the suggested enhancements and vote for the ones that you would most benefit from in the next release, and add to the list if your favorite is not listed. The OpenEdge development team will select the most popular and dedicate, up to 20% of the release development resources addressing these requests. While the selection criteria focuses on the top vote-getters, Progress reserves the right to select or reject requests based on the available time and resources.

The Products Enhancements Community Group continues to be available for all enhancement requests- please use the OpenEdge 11.6 Community Input forum to focus in on that subset that you feel there is urgency in getting the features implemented in the next release.

Thank you for helping to define the features for the next OpenEdge release!

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Posted by doa on 24-Nov-2014 06:54

how long can people vote?

Posted by Rob Straight on 24-Nov-2014 07:05

We have not picked an exact end date, but would be looking at the end of 2014 as the general timeframe for everyone to vote. We will publish a heads up as soon as we choose a final date for voting.

Posted by woot112 on 02-Jan-2015 07:23

so it is 2015 now :) ...when do we get the info of what will be implemented?

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