Servoy excluded from EMEA PUG conference in Germany

Posted by agent_008_nl on 18-Nov-2014 12:37

What do you think of that?

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Posted by James Palmer on 18-Nov-2014 14:48

I think it's important not to draw conclusions from one side of the story.

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What do you think of that?

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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 18-Nov-2014 15:14

It is hard to see how they are anything other than a competitor.  This attempt to paint themselves as a front end doesn't jib very well with their overall positioning.  They make it sound like there are a bunch of Progress ISVs who are using them just as a front end ... if so, let's see some case studies and testimony.

Posted by TheMadDBA on 18-Nov-2014 15:28

Obviously they are directly competing against several Progress products. I can see PSC not wanting them to co-sponsor the event.

Whether or not they should be able attend is another matter. Reserving any judgement until more details are available.

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 18-Nov-2014 15:31

Not wanting someone to attend suggests a history of bad behavior, otherwise, there is no point.

Posted by agent_008_nl on 19-Nov-2014 00:22

They are a competitor indeed. Seems they are getting a foot on the ground at several progress customers in Holland. I have no idea of bad behaviour, but that they are seen as a threat is understandable. Might be that they have a good product for an affordable price. But I would like to have the pugchallenge as an event of users where no vendor has the power to exclude other vendors.

Posted by agent_008_nl on 19-Nov-2014 00:32

On the competitor thing: Servoy has a point with "Servoy extends the lifecycle of a Progress application by allowing ISVs to deliver modern HTML5 front-ends [..]". There is another threat: customers leaving openedge and other progress products completely. We experience that in Holland too often the last years, and I regret it.

Posted by agent_008_nl on 19-Nov-2014 01:41

There are others that offer non-progress UI solutions at the pugchallenge. There is f.e. a commercial presentation from flusso on an angularjs fronted.

 But that is less a concrete "threat" maybe? Just wondering.

Posted by James Palmer on 19-Nov-2014 08:31

I don't know if it makes a difference, but Flusso have been heavily involved with the PUG for a while, and in fact have created the PUG App for free...

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 19-Nov-2014 08:56

PSC has always been accepting of any UI ... that's the point of Open Client, after all.  I think the issue with Servoy is that the competition is not limited to a front end, but rather to ultimately replacing the whole application.  That is a rather different issue, no?

Posted by agent_008_nl on 19-Nov-2014 09:36

Isn't that a very wild guess Thomas, to excuse this person from psc? I have not heard about that being offered to prospects.  I've seen presentations, the talk was only about the servoy ui with existing progress BL. The talk of those interested was only about that too. No, I think some people at psc fear not being able to sell at least mobile and rollbase.

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 19-Nov-2014 11:40

What's a wild guess?  They do make potential complete replacements, so, even if they have something that will serve as a UI only, it would be hardly surprising if they thought of it as a future complete replacement ... wouldn't any company in that position?  That is very different than Flusso, who is clearly in the PSC camp.

Posted by agent_008_nl on 19-Nov-2014 12:34

Grr, you have plenty of time Thomas, I'll leave you with yourself now. Have something better to do the endless discussions with you. Good luck.

Posted by Marian Edu on 24-Nov-2014 01:06

Just to share my completely biased view on this... think PSC shouldn't have any reason to fear in that case. Not only because, in all cases I know of, Servoy is really only offering a UI solution for existing Progress applications and the back-end remain as-is. But even if they would try to convince anyone to do a complete switch I do not think they are a match for our good old 4GL. So really no fear here, beside there are some many valid solutions out there for both mobile and web that everyone should pick the one that is a best match for specific situation... with Telerik acquisition PSC can strengthen his position both in oe mobile and rollbase. IMHO, the most important aspect of Servoy right now is the data driven RAD... who knows what PSC will do next, with an addition of about 800 developers sky has no limits ;)

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