How to Create temp table using SDO with non-database table

Posted by jasdeep on 29-Oct-2014 15:57

I need to create a temp table using SDO with non-database table column along with database table columns. For instance: DEFINE TEMP-TABLE tempBirthPlaceAlias FIELD Birthplace_Id LIKE RFRealBirthplace.Real_Birthplace_Id FIELD Real_Birthplace like RFRealBirthplace.Real_Birthplace FIELD Birthplace like RFBirthplace.Birthplace ==> FIELD Count AS INTEGER. Is there a way to add non-database table field to temp table as pointed above(FIELD Count AS INTEGER.)? SDO does not allow to define temp table in its initializeobject procedure or user defined function. Is it possible with SDO?

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Posted by Frank Meulblok on 03-Nov-2014 05:29

Is there a reason for re-posting this when you already have suggested answers in a more appropriate forum ? (

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