Use of JSDO object in other appdevenv then oe mobile

Posted by agent_008_nl on 07-Oct-2014 04:19

I read about this object and the new before-table support in 11.4. Looks attractive. Is this object usable with other common frameworks (f.e. kony, appcelerator, sencha)   then openedge mobile?  I'm still not sure after reading "Requirements for using a JSDO" in

Or would making handy use of this javascript object require access to (closed source?) frameworkcode?

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Stefan Houtzager

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Posted by Shelley Chase on 07-Oct-2014 08:25

The JSDO can be used with any JavaScript client. It is basically a client side Prodataset.

The binding to the UI is where you would need to write your own binding code. Many UI frameworks have the notion of a data source where you could get data from the JSDO.

Please keep us updated on your experiences.



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