So much it has come...

Posted by OctavioOlguin on 16-Sep-2014 09:00

what almost really filled my eyes with tears is:
"... To move the cursor up a line, press the up arrow.
To move the cursor down a line, press the down arrow...." on page 7,

Oh my God, how far we've got, I love what I do! And what I do, has come all the way from there!

thank you guys!!
Motivating me very much!!!

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Posted by Jean Richert on 23-Sep-2014 10:48

Hi Octavio, sorry to ask but where did you find that? On which doc/manual so i could go back to the owner sharing your feedback.

Posted by ChUIMonster on 23-Sep-2014 10:57

I believe that is excerpted from Gus' posting of the original users manual.

Yes indeed -- we have come a long ways!  And best of all the old stuff still works :)

Posted by gus on 23-Sep-2014 15:40

It's getting harder and harder to have working hardware that can run Fortune though.

Posted by OctavioOlguin on 23-Sep-2014 16:28

Some people think it's a user guide from Joe Alsop himself...  I found that on page 7 of users guide of progress v2.1 in Fortune computer.

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