Going to Exchange? Consider attending the Navigating Pacific

Posted by David Cleary on 08-Sep-2014 12:49

Just wanted to make sure everyone here is aware of the Pacific hack-a-thon we are offering as one of the labs at Exchange. The idea is that before Exchange, we provide you with a VM with 11.4 on it. You get your AppServer application running there. At the hack-a-thon, we walk through the steps to get it running on Pacific for OpenEdge. Ideally, you will have 2 or 3 engineers who know your application and we will work with them on getting it up and running.

Don't have an application, or it is just too large for this type of format? You can follow along as we move AutoEdge to Pacific. It will certainly give you a good head start on your own application.

Currently, we are looking to consolidate the morning and afternoon session into a single session due to current registrations. So, it is important to register in the next day or two if you are interested in attending.


David Cleary

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Posted by gus on 08-Sep-2014 13:37

see www.progress.com/exchange for more info

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