The first Early Software Access Program release of OpenEdge

Posted by Kris Murphy on 18-Aug-2014 11:03

The first Early Software Access Program release of OpenEdge 11.5 will be available soon. This release includes the Pacific AppServer for OpenEdge, utilizing next generation multi-session Application Server technology! There are also a number of database Table Partitioning features and other user-requested features. Please send email to if you would like to sign up for this program.

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Posted by CHT on 19-Aug-2014 14:34

so what are these "other user-requested features"?

i can't say if i am interested if i don't know the new features.

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 19-Aug-2014 14:46

Gotta sign the NDA before they can tell you what's in it! :)

Posted by CHT on 20-Aug-2014 03:32

so i need to sign up for the early access programm to then discover that i am not interested in any of the new features :D

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 20-Aug-2014 10:09

Right.  I signed up for 11.4 expecting the Pacific AppServer to be in it, but no.

Posted by Rob Straight on 12-Sep-2014 13:07

Oh the things our lawyers make us do!

As announced in the original post, there are 2 major features planned for OpenEdge 11.5, the Pacific Application Server for OpenEdge and some additional features for the Database Table Partitioning feature released with OpenEdge 11.4. Yes, there is a long list of additional features, and yes, you'll have to join up to learn what they are (or wait until Progress Exchange, the EMEA PUG Challenge, or when the product ships to hear more about the other features).

The Pacific Application Server for OpenEdge should be of particular interest to many: we've modernized our 15-20 year old AppServer technology, including making it a multi-session AppServer. For current AppServer users, it is typically easy  to run your existing code on the new AppServer with little to no modification, and you'll likely be pleasantly surprised at the performance gains. For others who have not yet adopted AppServer technology, the Pacific Application Server for OpenEdge makes it even easier to adopt and use the technology.

The next generation AppServer should provide the motivation you need to join the OpenEdge 11.5 Early Software Access Program!

Posted by Valeriy Bashkatov on 02-Oct-2014 00:44

Pacific Application Server for OpenEdge  - it is also will  be only for Cloud?

Posted by Mike Fechner on 02-Oct-2014 00:58

Looking for first hand info about PASOE? Don’t miss the PUG Challenge in November with two sessions by PSC developer David Cleary
Introduction to the Pacific Application Server for OpenEdge
Attend this session for an introduction to the many advantages of using the new Pacific AppServer (PAS) for OpenEdge. We'll compare and contrast the PAS for OE architecture with the existing OpenEdge AppServer and answer questions from session attendees. Topics covered include development, deployment, debugging and
Care and Feeding of the Pacific Application Server for OpenEdge in Production
Many of you may be experts at monitoring and tuning an OpenEdge AppServer in a production environment. With the new Tomcat-based PAS for OpenEdge, there are new tools, knobs, and levers to adjust to get your AppServer running at peak performance. We will look at tuning Tomcat and the new Multi-session Agent, scaling a server with an Apache HTTPD front end, and monitoring its operation using tools widely available in the Apache/Tomcat ecosystem.

Posted by Peter Judge on 02-Oct-2014 07:40

If you're going to be at Exchange, there's also the Navigating Pacific (An OpenEdge AppServer Hack-a-thon)  workshop, on Monnday afternoon. From the Exchange site

Get a jumpstart on the new Pacific Application Server for OpenEdge. Starting with your application running in the current OpenEdge AppServer, you will migrate it over to the new Pacific AppServer with the help of our experts. Learn the ins and outs of this exciting new product and exactly what it means for your application

Basically you'll get some instructions in using PAS for OE and then get to make your application (or part thereof) run on PAS for OE.

-- peter

Posted by CHT on 03-Oct-2014 03:43

i really hope that "other user-requested features" are some things from the ideas section

Posted by andrew.may on 03-Oct-2014 03:50

Well the "Turn off the splash screen for developers" idea has moved from "Coming soon" to "Complete", and the "REST Outbound Support should be in the ABL" idea has moved from "Under Review" to "Coming Soon".

Everything else is still "under review" :(

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