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Posted by rahul on 16-Aug-2014 09:48

Hi everyone ,

I am not a progress professional currently working on java technology.I want to learn progress because it is a powerful technology.

I am not clear about when to use find find first for each in terms of index

can anyone elaborate find, find first, for first, for each with respect to INDEX (primary,unique,both (primary and unique)) word index whole index. 

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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 16-Aug-2014 10:36

The answer of when to use find first is never.   One finds it a lot in ABL code because of a myth that it was somehow faster than a simple find.  In most of those cases, the keys provided ensured a unique record so this is confusing to the reader.   When the keys did not provide a unique record, then it is potentially more disturbing because it suggests treating the first record in a set differently than the rest, a violation of relational standards.

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Let us know if you have other index questions.

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