Error connecting from AppBuilder to D2C ODBC datasource

Posted by otenzio on 12-Aug-2014 12:10

Hi all,

I have a problem when trying to connect from AppBuilder to D2C ODBC datasource: I chose ODBC Utilities from Data Administration-> Create DataServer Schema, I filled in the Logical Database Name and ODBC DataSource Name and also the username and password, in the dialog "Pre-Selection Criteria For Schema Pull" at Object Name and Qualifier i let * and i filled in the owner. Then the dialog "Select ODBC Objects" appears and when i select the object and press OK then it gives me the following error: "Mismatched number of parameters passed to routine error_handling prodict/odb/_odb_pul.p.(3234)"

I am using as data source MSSQL Server with on premise Data Direct Cloud connector.

Here is the ODBC log file:


Thank you!

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Posted by Peter Judge on 12-Aug-2014 15:42

You are using the ODBC DataServer here, which is a certified for use against DB2 and Sybase (basically). See the product availability guide for more details. To the best of my knowledge we have not tested the ODBC Dataserver against the D2C drivers.

You might want to contact OpenEdge Tech Support for more help on this.

-- peter

Posted by otenzio on 13-Aug-2014 05:27

Can you give me an email from OpenEdge Tech Support?

Thank you!

Posted by Glenn A Mulno on 13-Aug-2014 06:33

If you wish to open a case you will need to log onto SupportLink (link below) and submit the case details there.

Posted by John Sullivan on 13-Aug-2014 08:48

You can call Technical Support at 781 280-4999

If you are not located in the US other phone numbers can be found at

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