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Posted by Kandavel Elangovan on 22-Jul-2014 04:58

Hi All,

Is it possible to integrate Openedge application with other JMS provider like IBM MQ, etc (other than Sonic MQ) without using any Opensource project or third party code?

Is there any alternative option available in Progress?

FYI, We are using OE 11.2 version.





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Posted by pedromarcerodriguez on 22-Jul-2014 05:03


Yes, you can use STOMP to integrate Openedge with many different JMS providers. It is a fairly easy text based protocol that you can write and implement if you really need to do it without any opensource code.

But there are a couple of good implementations already written that you could use (or base your implementation in), if you google "STOMP openedge" they will be top of the search.


Posted by Kandavel Elangovan on 22-Jul-2014 06:01

Thanks Pedro. I believe "abl2stomp" is an opensource project. Not provided by Progress Corp.

I am looking something from Progress Corp.

Posted by Srinivas Munigala on 22-Jul-2014 06:35

No, Progress doesn't provide any other JMS provider.

Posted by pedromarcerodriguez on 22-Jul-2014 07:03

Sorry I misread your question, anyway for completeness of the answer abl2stomp project was forked and developed further in


Posted by Kandavel Elangovan on 22-Jul-2014 08:16

Actually what i am looking for is, would like to integrate OE application with IBM Websphere MQ without using Sonic MQ.

Posted by pedromarcerodriguez on 22-Jul-2014 08:30

In that case, you can use a STOMP client from Progress (jmls/stomp) is my recomendation as per previouse message. But you have another problem, IBM MQ doesn't support STOMP natively neither, so you will need to deploy something like StompConnect ( in your Websphere MQ to allow STOMP connections.

I haven't used with StompConnect (so can't help on that bit) but performance using ActiveMQ and Apache Apollo (which native STOMP support) has been very good.

Posted by Bill Wood on 08-Mar-2016 12:42

Starting in OpenEdge 11.5.1,  Progress OpenEdge provides a generic Java Message Service (JMS) adapter for messaging. This generic JMS adapter can operate with any JMS-compliant vendor, including SonicMQ, IBM WebSphereMQ, and ActiveMQ.    

You can get more information in the product documentation, or look at the whitepaper on Community at

Further updates happened in 11.6.1 to support all modes: Client Connect, Broker Connect, and Server Connect.

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