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Posted by prajapati.puru on 07-Jul-2014 23:19

I had created a new web service. Namespace of that web service is composed of combination of nameserver and name of appobject (i.e. urn:NS1:appobjName) . Can we define the name of whole namespace manually . Could we make a webservice have namespace in this type of format :

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Posted by Jean Richert on 10-Jul-2014 12:07

Anyone following this forum could assist prajapati? Seems to be a straight forward question.

Posted by Irfan on 11-Jul-2014 04:33

As for my knowledge it does not allow. The Namespace should always follow the convention as urn or URL. If  I had to have my own name of the webservice then i would prefer setting a proxy server.

Posted by Alex Hart on 03-Sep-2014 05:12

I use IP address


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