Posted by agent_008_nl on 11-Jun-2014 07:29

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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 11-Jun-2014 21:27

I didn't look at any of this, but assuming that it is in the category of X is better than Y, does it really matter when the whole point is connecting with the outside world and the outside world has decided that Y is the way to communicate.  I mean, X12 EDI is really pretty ghastly as a standard, especially since people have their own interpretations of what things mean and people like Amazon send out what are clearly non-standard messages and expect you, the little guy, to figure it out, but, if you want to communicate with these people, you do what they do unless you are big enough to force them to do what you do.

Posted by agent_008_nl on 11-Jun-2014 23:42

Assuming, not looking, and despite write six lines. You're a wonder. No, I don't mean X better than Y per se. It's an alternative that could give you a "competitive edge" in certain cases.

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