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Posted by Tim Kuehn on 16-May-2014 09:10

I tried to find the enhancement request thread, did a search, and found a lot of other stuff other than the enhancement request area, so I'm admitting defeat and posting my request here.

The OpenEdge PANS stuff has been getting a fair bit of diverse material pertaining to Rollbase, OE BPM and other OE-ish but not 4GL specific material. 

I'd like to ask that another column be added to the email report which contains the "Product" field of the KB being cited so I know what specific aspect of OE it's pertaining to.

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Posted by Lieven De Foor on 19-May-2014 04:48

The "Ideas" section can be found here:

It's been requested for some time now to make this link better visible, it don't know why it takes Progress so long to adjust this... (it's currently a small link at the right when you go to the Technical Users start page...)

One would start to think they'd like to keep it obscure...

Posted by Jean Richert on 19-May-2014 04:56

We are looking at all different things we need to change from a UI perspective and making the Ideas far more visible is part of our list of things we are looking into.  Sorry for the delay.

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