Forum feedback, please show subject on recent posts

Posted by cverbiest on 25-Apr-2014 09:53

The recent posts list does not show the subject of the original post.

You need to "show the original" to see what the post was about

The info marked in the screenshot below is missing

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Posted by James Palmer on 25-Apr-2014 09:58

Very good point. There is a forum for this sort of feedback -

It's not too easy to find though!

Posted by cverbiest on 28-Apr-2014 02:59

> There is a forum for this sort of feedback -

I knew there was one but couldn't find it. I've bookmarked it now, thanks

Posted by James Palmer on 28-Apr-2014 03:03

Good job :)

Posted by on 28-Apr-2014 07:54

Good morning friends,

Skewer it's okay with you all.

I'm needing some example of implementation project Progress OpenEdge Replication.

Working in a company from the automotive segment and need to program stops needs, implementation of the test environment etc ... anything related to the costs but the defendant or technology involved.

Does anyone have any document or reference for this type of project?
For an environment where the total volume of databases is 300GB how long it takes to implement the solution?

What are the main points to be observed?

What are the main points of failure present in the implementation of this type of project?

What are the risks?

What are the assumptions?

Thanks to all and any help is welcome.


Thiago Luiz Daniel F.Santana
Consultor de Tecnologia.
T: (31) 3568-3008
F: (31) 3568-3007
C: (31) 8329-2742

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 28-Apr-2014 09:34

Please start a new thread.

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