Openedge 11.3 evaluation to a Oracle Dataserver 10.2B connec

Posted by pedromarcerodriguez on 28-Mar-2014 09:18


 After install evaluation version for 11.3 I can't seem to be able to connect to an Oracle dataserver 10.2B, after quite a long time shows the error "Expression is too complex or statement is too long (4384)". And then follow with several other errors as if database was connected but failed to do any action.

 Is this an expected behavior or should I be able to connect to that Dataserver? 

 I have seen this error 4384 has been addressed in service pack 11.3.2, but not sure I can download it from the evaluation version,  can I?


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Posted by manem on 09-Apr-2014 06:33

Are you using 11.3 Open Edge client and 102B Oracle server, in which you are getting this error? Also, can you please mention about the bug # under which the 4384 error was addressed in 11.3.2?

Posted by pedromarcerodriguez on 09-Apr-2014 07:09


Yes, that was I was trying, but after I couldn't get it to connect and moved to use a local 11.3 schema holder database against same Oracle DB, and that is good for me for the evaluating process.

About the bug, knowledge database article,


Posted by manem on 16-Apr-2014 08:16

Ideally, the NEW version of client should work fine with OLD version of server (which is the case you mentioned), but the reverse if not true (an OLD client version is not expected to work with a NEW server version).

Please log a bug if you still facing the issues while working with 11.3 OE client and102B Oracle Data sever.

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