Whither WebSpeed?

Posted by Nigel Allen on 17-Mar-2014 20:02

Hi All

This was posted by "Cecil" from Wellington, New Zealand recently on another forum and received zero responses.

After my little visit to Australia last week I attended a Progress Software presentation; "The Road to the Future". I got the general consensuses that WebSpeed is not going to be a retired, but at the same time no new development, apart from bug fixes.

However Progress are going to release a improved Unified AppServer which is going to be multi-threaded/multi-session. But this does not apply to the WebSpeed Brokers/Agents (Doh.)

To take advantage of the NEW Unified AppServer, the recommendation was to change the architecture of your web development. Make the client Web Server calls using Javascript via Apache Tomcat. Tomcat then makes calls to the Unified AppServer using JAVA (eek).

So you could have a mix of both WebSpeed and Tomcat+AppServer (which is essentially the OpenEdge Rest Server) but that could just get messy. Or make the development leap and go exclusively Tomcat/OE Rest. If you are like me and don't know much about Tomcat this could be a big learning headache.

What's your opinion about moving away from WebSpeed to OpenEdge REST Server??

Like the man asked, does anyone else have any more info, dirt or rumours on this subject that they would like to share?



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Posted by Phillip Molly Malone on 17-Mar-2014 21:10

My (extremely poor) understanding is the idea of the Unified AppServer is to make the WebApps easier and I thought it was also meant to help take away the need to understand tomcat/etc some, but I could be wrong as I haven't looked at it too much.

On the WebSpeed question, it was answered at the presentation at Exchange and here is the answer (I hope):


Basically the answer given (insert disclaimer screen here), WebSpeed is going nowhere! It will be brought into the Unified AppServer infrastructure at some point but not in the first release. But Mike ( [mention:f83dd43f1f9b4acea334910b2245d266:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] -speaker) points out that we know peeps love WebSpeed and it will continue. (note: Last paragraph is my paraphrasing, listen to the answer for proper version).


Posted by Bill Wood on 18-Mar-2014 12:44

(BTW... I like the "whither WebSpeed" pun :-)   WebSpeed will not wither....

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