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Posted by ME on 26-Feb-2014 15:34

We have an ERP-application in a Windows client/server environment running on our internal server. The actual Progress version is 9.1 with concurrent licenses but we are going to upgrade to v11.

Now we want to host a webshop application in a professional datacenter. When a webshop user selects a product we want to display the actual stock value. Therefor we want to build a webservice on our own server so the webshop can send the request when necessary.

My questions:
- Do we need an extra type of license (Appserver Basic, Appserver Enterprise, ...) ? Now we use only Workgroup RDBMS and Client Networking.
- What about the licensing model (Named user, Registered Device, Access Agent) and how to determine the number?
- In version 9 the license model 'concurrent user' still exists. Is it better to buy the license in v9 before upgrading to v11?

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