OpenEdge 11.4 Early Release - Table partitioning!

Posted by Jean Richert on 19-Feb-2014 04:30

In OpenEdge Release 11.4, the OpenEdge RDBMS, ABL and SQL languages, clients, and tools are enhanced with support for table partitioning. Table partitioning allows Database Administrators (DBAs) to design a physical database layout that aligns storage with specific data values or ranges. The physical separation of data into partitions can improve performance, maintenance, and data availability.

The second early release of OpenEdge 11.4 includes a preview of table partitioning. The user will be presented with the basic concepts and features being prepared for table partitioning in the OpenEdge Database. Our hope is to get your feedback on our basic functionality, and migration to confirm the usefulness and how well it meets your requirements.

This preview of table partitioning is only available using a pre-configured arcade image. If you have not already sent email to stating your interest in previewing table partitioning, please do!

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Posted by shaske1 on 26-Feb-2014 09:35

Hey Jean,

Is there a thread for discussion/feedback/comments dedicated for 11.4 partitioning?  (Is this it?)

Is there up-to-minute list on the forum of known issues on the 11.4 Alpha?  (Aside from the static readme file in the install directory...)



Posted by Jean Richert on 26-Feb-2014 09:47

Hi Steve,

Yes we have a dedicated forum but you need to be part of that program.

Please email anbd ask to join the OE11.4 ESAP. Then you should be granted permission to join that forum.

Posted by shaske1 on 26-Feb-2014 10:01

Oh, I'm already in ESAP and in the process of walking through some scenarios from the Arcade VM.

I notice now there was a link in Kristine's email to the forum, but apparently I wasn't added yet.  The page returns "Group Not Found".

Posted by Jean Richert on 26-Feb-2014 12:12

When looking at the OE11.4 ESAP group members, I'm afraid I can't see you so the message you see makes sense...

I have contacted the program manager but she is off. Once she is back we then can add you to the group.

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