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Posted by goz on 05-Feb-2014 04:16

I don't know if I'm totally lost but in the "old" PSDN you could download manuals. I can't fin the same in this community. I'd like to get hold of documentation about openedge management and openedge explorer sinc I can't get it to work on 11.3.1.

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Posted by Dileep Dasa on 05-Feb-2014 04:22
Posted by Stefan Bolte on 05-Feb-2014 04:45

How about using search? community.progress.com/search

Searching for "OpenEdge documentation" helped.

Navigating to Technical users/OpenEdge General / Wiki (community.progress.com/.../default.aspx) and using the related tags of that community might also help.

Posted by goz on 05-Feb-2014 05:24

thx. *blush*

Posted by Rob Fitzpatrick on 05-Feb-2014 08:04

That's fine Stefan, if you know that documentation is now unintuitively located under "Community" (why?) when it used to be under "Support" on the old web site.  Now, looking for documentation under Support is a dead end.  Also, try searching for "OpenEdge documentation" on progress.com and see what you find.

I navigate lots of tech companies' web sites in search of product documentation.  Usually I find what I'm after in three to five clicks (and that includes the old progress.com).  By comparison, Progress now makes theirs *very* difficult to find.

Posted by Roberta Miller on 05-Feb-2014 08:35

On the new Support page at www.progress.com/.../support-services, you can click on the "Resources" link to get  a page with links to documentation for each of the Progress product lines. The OpenEdge link goes to the Community page that Dileep already referenced. This setup is actually similar to the old Support page, where the documentation link went to a landing page on the old "Progress Communities". The PDF and HTML documents were actually stored in the Progress Communities sites, as they are stored in our new Progress Community now. I hope this info helps answer Rob's "why" question.

That being said, I can see that the new Support page is less intuitive because there is not a direct link to the documentation. You have to read the small, gray print instead of the big, orange print to find it. Thanks to goz, Stefan and Rob for drawing our attention to this.

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