Using a BUFFER in native invocation from Sonic

Posted by mfellman@brilmij on 04-Dec-2013 04:19

Hi all,

I am working on a design for an appserver process in which I want to return (a selection of) the content of a temp-table or database table. I was looking at the generated esboe file but can't find any reference to the buffer i defined. Only "static" parameters can be found in the esboe file. Am I missing something? Otherwise I would probably end up being stuck with a complete list of parameters. Also looking at using prodatasets to return data to Sonic. Any ideas or examples? Just for the record we are now using 10.2B on Linux.


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Posted by Brian K. Maher on 10-Dec-2013 07:10


4GL buffers are only available within the AVM itself and make no sense outside of that context.  What exactly do you want to pass back?

Sincerely, Brian Maher

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