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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 19-Nov-2013 14:23

I swear that it has been a rare event that I have gotten a clean uninstall of the prior version when trying to upgrade a Windows 7 box.  In the current instance, it doesn't blow up, as it often has, but it is telling me that $DLC\bin\procfg.dll, environ.dll, and pphelper.dll are busy and much be closed before uninstalling.  Admin Service is not running.  Nothing else Progress related (except the Communities site) is running.  If I try to manually delete the file, it tells me that it is open in java.exe.  If I go into task manager and kill two java.exe processes from the DLC directory, *then* it will go forward .... well, until it runs into the persistent FindAllDirs Failed ... but, it *does* appear to have actually completed this time.

It really shouldn't be this painful.

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Posted by Libor Laubacher on 20-Nov-2013 06:46

Is this a complaint post just to vent out, or are you hoping to get some resolution as well ?

If the latter, then what process did those java.exe belong to ? I mean, I am assuming you have used Process Explorer and get the full command line of those java.exe so we can identify what is was. It could have been Tomcat using AIA if you have it for example, but that's a speculation only.

With regards the FindAllDirs failed - there is one "bug" logged for this, but since this was one time issue only and hasn't happened since it hasn't been investigated. Process Monitor started and recorded would help.

I am willing to investigate this, but without data to begin with it's near to impossible.

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 20-Nov-2013 09:33

I have completed the install now, so the evidence is gone.   The java processes were from DLC, but I didn't look at the full command line.   Per the exchange on PEG, the point is that this sort of thing seems to happen with every uninstall in recent versions.  If anything, this one was an improvement because I didn't have to clean up the registry!  It should be easy enough for the uninstaller to notice what program has the file in use and, when it is a DLC process, offer to kill it.  Why not.  As for FindAllDirs, I have gotten that one multiple version uninstalls, so it doesn't appear to be a one time thing.

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