Forum to talk about the forum?

Posted by ChUIMonster on 13-Nov-2013 12:19

Where is the forum to talk about the forum?

I'm finding it extremely difficult to navigate -- having less than 5% of my screen real-estate used to deliver content isn't helping (apparently my profile was created back when a 640x480 screen was considered large).  I'm looking for the "use my entire window to show me useful information" setting or the "show more than 5 items" option but I don't see it anywhere.  What am I missing?

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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 13-Nov-2013 13:47

Home >> About the Community on the right side >> Community News and Feedback at the bottom of the list in the middle.    Or,

FWIW, the large tiles are under analysis and Jean is checking on the more than 5, but it is a system setting, not a user setting.

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