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Posted by jnjtruck on 05-Nov-2013 10:23

Is there a way to make probkup exit in error instead of waiting on "Please enter next device/file name or type 'quit' to exit"?

I am running probkup to disk through a batch file. The situation is when a disk is full the backup hangs and waits for input.  I would like to find a way to make the backup exit in error vs hanging and waiting for it to be killed.  Then I can check for error and be notified of the problem. 

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Posted by Libor Laubacher on 05-Nov-2013 10:43

1) run a disk space check prior running the probkup, if there is not enough (disk space) send yourself a notification

2) probkup db backupfile < responsefile

the responsefile would contain



So when you hit full disk backup will exit and dip out a message in db.lg file or somewhere else if you are are redirecting the output.

Posted by Ruanne Cluer on 06-Nov-2013 01:14

Alternatively, to ensure that the backup suceeds:

$  probkup dbname /dev/dbname1.bak -vs n < input.file


+ dbname is your database name,

+ /dev/dbname1.bak is the first backup volume to be created

+ -vs parameter indicates the volume size - that is, the number of database blocks that can be written to each volume.

************************ input.file ******************************

/dev/dbname2.bak  (hard return)

/dev/dbname3.bak  (hard return)

/dev/dbname4.bak  (hard return)

(hard return)

************************ End of File: input.file *******************

Say the database blocksize = 4KB

The database needs 3.5GB of backup media.

This will include both the bi and the data files in the case of an online probkup.

$ probkup online dbname /dev/dbname1.bak -vs 500000 -Bp 10 < input.file

will create volumes in 2,000,000 KB increments:

2,048,000,000 /dev/dbname1.bak

1,710,096,384 /dev/dbname2.bak

/dev/dbname3.bak will not be created, as it is not needed during this run.  

Should it eventually be needed, it is already in place.

To restore the multivolume probkup, the exact reverse methodology is employed, viz:

$ prorest dbname /dev/dbname1.bak  -vs n < input.file

When restoring over an existing database, a "y" yes prompt will need to be added to the "input.file" to automate the response.

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