Non Trival OE BPm Examples

Posted by on 29-Sep-2013 09:39


has anyone a (link to an) non trivial OE 11.3 BPM example?

Preverably using ProDatasets, scripts and header / line data structures.

The AutoEdge stuff I already have.


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Posted by Praveena Ampaty on 30-Sep-2013 19:33

Hi Stefan,

Attached is the BPM Project example which uses prodataset. Attached is the document which explains step by step procedure of the example(Develop and Run BPM Process Using OEAdapter section in the document).


Posted by on 01-Oct-2013 01:58

Thank you very much. This helps a step further.I am searching an more elaborate example like:* Processign a inbound XML order * Make process decisons based on content of XML * Look up master data with AppServer * Make process decisions based on Master Data * Create an Order on AppServer and get a ProData Set back with the order * Make process Decisions based on content of the ProDataSet * Update Order with changes ProData Set based on process results * etc.On first glimpse the support of ProDataSets content support looks rudimentary. Maybe I looked into the wrong corners.

Posted by Praveena Ampaty on 01-Oct-2013 08:49

Yes, as of now we can use prodataset as input/output to OEAdapter and also we can access prodataset using javascript in JEL editor. Support of Prodataset to activities will be provided in future releases.



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