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Posted by sam on 01-Oct-2013 10:22

Hello Everbody:

OE version : 10.2B

Per above KB, async com events are handled during waiting for user inputs , alert message or during Trigger processing.

I have few questions:

#1 Does 'Process events' statement handle async events?

#2 can multiple event get queued ? if yes, will all of these 'waiting' events handled by progress one after another.

#3 after handling the event, will the execution control return to the immediate statement which was interrupted.

  eg: com event is set to trigger an 'publish' event.

      assume during 'alert message' statement progress finds there is a com async event in queue . This event will publish something to which there is a 'subscribe' code.

   once after the subscribe code is executed will it return to the 'alert message' statement?



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Posted by Brian K. Maher on 14-Nov-2013 11:39

Hi Sam,

#1 - Yes, process events will process async events.

#2 - Yes, they /can/ get queued but we make no guarantees on that.  If an async event comes in and we are not in a place where we can handle it we will throw the event away.

#3 - Yes although the 'alert message'  (message box) can be problematic if other windows / dialogs get displayed during event processing.

Sincerely, Brian Maher

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