Unable to find shared buffer for who_am_i

Posted by Admin on 30-Oct-2006 08:57


I have a further problem. If I implement my program, the following error appears: Unable to find shared buffer for who_am_i

Can anybody help me? And do I have to give still further information, so that the problem can be solved?

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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 30-Oct-2006 10:34

I think you will have to provide a few more details before we can even guess at the problem. How about Progress version, equipment, and the code around where the problem is happening.

Posted by jtownsen on 31-Oct-2006 01:32

Similar to the discussion on shared variables (), shared buffers are buffers that are shared between programs at runtime. (The same good reasons for not using shared variables also apply to using shared buffers)

For more information on what buffers are and what they do for you, check out the documentation: OpenEdge Development: Progress 4GL Handbook - Chapter 7.

With your particular error message, I'm guessing that your program tries to make use of a shared buffer for who_am_i, but that shared buffer hasn't been created yet. You could try just adding the keyword NEW to the definition of the shared buffer, but I don't think that will actually solve your problem.

As before, you should probably create the shared object (in this case the buffer) in the expected way so that it gets populated as expected. I'm guessing this might be done in your login program. Can you ask the original developer of this software or the company that sold it to you?

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